What special elements can be found on the field?

You can find the following special elements in the game:

Cat Goodies (ingredients for dropping)


Flying Platform


What are Cat Goodies?

Cat Goodies are ingredients that you need to drop to the very bottom of the filed.

There are four kinds of them: Cross, Cracknel, Fish, Heart.

What is a Block?

A block is a special element filling cells and preventing you from using them.

Blocks have four levels of durability, and you should collect four combinations of elements next to them to destroy them.

What is a Flying Platform?

Flying Platforms are parts of the game field that change location after a certain number of moves.

What is a Cannon?

A Cannon is a special element of a certain color with a number on it.

The Cannon can be charged by creating next to it the combinations of colors shown by circles on the cannons the number of times indicated in these circles.